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Asalu Em Jarigindhante Movie

Vaasu and Saavi had been in deep love since childhood. They had an accident right before they got married. He lost his memory and not aware of what happened to Saavi. After this, Vaasu ‘s parents sent him to his brother place who lives in Vizag. Saavi lived in Vizag, too, which Vaasu did not know it. Twist and Turn Saavi got engaged to Vivek. Whenever Saavi sees Vaasu, she’s behaving differently from there she keeps remembering Vaasu always. Vivek watches Saavi with Vaasu and inquires what is happening?? She gives a reply that she cannot understand what is happening with her. Vivek plans to kill Vaasu but in his every plan fails every time as their is some power around him which keeps saving Vaasu . The rest of story is what power saves Vaasu from Vivek and What was the twist.

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