8 is the story of a soul and its incomplete journey.Murli is a musician facing a creative block. He enlists himself on a weeklong vacation to an old fort in Rajasthan converted into a beautiful resort. On the journey he meets Sanjana. Her past shrouded in mystery, she is a question mark for all who are traveling to the resort. Murli takes a liking for her. A firm believer of destiny, he thought that this vacation had a lot of fun and romantic in store for him.

But as fate would have it there was a twist in the tale. A few km’s away from the resort the minivan carrying the passengers becomes a victim of a freak accident. The scared passengers trek their way to the resort. The ambience eases them out and they believe that the worst has been put behind them but that is not the case. It is as if their entry into the vicinity of the resort has triggered a force…a force that threatens to destroy their existence.

Murli’s humble and caring nature starts making inroads with Sanjana and she warms up with him and shares her story. On the run from her home she had dreamt of a life with her boyfriend but has left stranded when he refused to marry her. Ridden with guilt of embarrassing her father she did not have the heart to go back home. Murli encourages her to call her dad and ask for forgiveness and this gesture wins her heart.

As this beautiful love story was just entering a new chapter a string of unexplained events and incidents start spooling out with various vacationers being target one by one. The situation becomes grim and serious when two of them are killed in one night. The entire group is stunned. Sanjana is shaken op the most as both the dead bodies communicated with her…one raised his hand towards her and the other addressed her as Mallika.

This triggers of a mystery…who was Mallika and why did the dead body address Sanjana with that name. Murli, an ardent believer of reincarnations and paramount incidents, starts investigating these events and finds startling facts about Sanjana and Mallika. Both look identical and the fact that the dead bodies communicated with deepens the mystery. The question who is Mallika? Who is Sanjana? Why are people killed? Who will survive this ordeal? Murli and Sanjana lead their co-vacationers in this thrilling supernatural journey which will give answers that will shatter all conventional beliefs.

Release Date : Sep 2020Cast : Sameer DattaniSheena NayarDirector : Wilson Louis

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