Kallan is a Tamil crime action film written and directed by Chandra starring Karu Pazhaniappan,Nikita and Maya in lead roles,Dinesh Subbarayan,Soundararaja and Namo Narayanan in important roles. The story is said to revolve around people who take up hunting professionally. The story is set in a village near Theni and is about a youngster who knows nothing else other than to hunt. He’s rendered jobless when the government bans hunting. So, he and his two friends decide to earn their living by making guns — the kinds he used for hunting. But that also doesn’t work out. To make some quick money and settle down in life, they decide to steal at a well-off person’s house. And that attempt changes his life forever. The film is set in two time periods — 1975, where there’s a small flashback sequence, and 1988-89 when all these incidents happen.

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