Aatagadharaa Siva Movie

Jangayya, a veternarian, helps a stranded man, unaware that he is an escaped convict. After Jangayya learns the truth, he… Read More

Jamba Lakidi Pamba Movie

A couple falls in love and get married, however their relationship does not go well and within a year they… Read More

Natakam Movie

In the small village of Chintalapudi, a group of chain snatchers plan to rob the whole village. On the other… Read More

Krishnarjuna Yudham Movie

Krishna and Arjun are lookalikes from different parts of the world, who must work together to find the women they… Read More

Nartanasala Movie

Radha Krishna runs a women empowerment institute to train women in martial arts. One day, his father forces him to… Read More

Gayatri 2018 Movie

Sivaji, a stage actor, searches for his daughter who lives as an orphan. He later learns that his daughter was… Read More

Premaku Raincheck Movie

A man thinks office romances cause problems. Read More

Manu Movie

Artist Manu and photographer Neela begin to fall in love, but strange occurrences interrupt their romance when new tenant Akbar… Read More

Shambho Shankara Movie

An aspiring policeman is at loggerheads with the village headman as he exploits the villagers. After a tragic incident with… Read More

ye mantram vesave Movie

A youngster, who is obsessed with gadgets, plays a game to pick up women. However, as the game progresses, things… Read More

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