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Rameshan Oru Peralla

Rameshan Oru Peralla is a film directed by Sujith Vigneshwar. The story revolves around an Online taxi driver Rameshan, a sincere person in every sense. The movie deals with the issues he has to face on his first day on the job. Ramesh is a gentle soul, who never backs out when a fellow human being is in need of help. Despite his health issues, some of which leaves him helpless at certain situations, he likes to intervene in issues and help out people in distress. He begins his new career as a taxi driver on 15th August 2017. On the day, a group of young college students board his taxi and that trip changed Rameshan’s life. The movie explores the lacunae in the Indian legal system which relies solely on available evidence to arrive at judgments exploiting which which the guilty and the…

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