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Halal Love Story

The movie is set in a village near Kozhikode, around the time when the Muslims worldwide were facing discrimination due to the cold-blooded terrorist attacks that happened all around the world. The village arts club, headed by Shareef (Indrajith Sukumaran), tries to create awareness about the brutalities of the American government towards the Muslims, especially the then US president George Bush, through street plays. To eliminate the misconceptions about their religion, the committee head Rahim Sahib (Nazar Karutheny) and Taufeeq, a school teacher (Sharafudheen) decide to make a telefilm and get the approval of the members. They hire Siraj (Joju George), an experienced, alcoholic AD, to direct the film. They convince Shareef and wife Suhara to play the lead roles, as they want a…

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